What is TechLab?

The GCG TechLab is an innovation hub that leverages applied technology to develop tools, training, and solutions to help our clients keep their people safe. TechLab combines market-ready technology and hardware with GCG's occupational hygiene and workplace health & safety expertise to form practical, easy-to-implement solutions for our clients.

GCG's TechLab has developed a range of innovative solutions designed to support worker health and safety. While TechLab's solutions are varied, ranging from online learning to real-time monitoring, our focus is on helping our clients assess and manage risk, educate their employees, and advance their safety and hygiene practices. All of TechLab's solutions can be customised to support our client's specific requirements.

GCG TechLab's core innovations

"Supporting worker health and safety through applied technology."

Remote Monitoring Solutions

GCG uses realtime monitoring for hazards and controls (including respirable dust and cabin pressure) to support informed and improved decision making. Using high quality, durable devices and data analytics, we analyse trends and work with our clients to address conditions before they become an issue.


Our apps provide a ready-made solution and have been created to target the biggest challenges industry is facing around hazard/risk data management and control.

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Real Time Task Assessment App

Real Time Task Assessment App Identify hazardous tasks using video and real-time instrument data.

Online Learning

Our series of online training modules improves the management of workplace hazards and training in an engaging, interactive and practical way. We develop training based on the health/hazard challenges that are facing industry and continually evolve our online training packages as technology advances in this sector.

Contact us to discuss development of custom training packs, or to deploy these packages onto your in-house LMS.

Research and Development

Our team of industry experts are continually looking for opportunities to improve or develop new products, processes and services, to support our clients in protecting their people. We’re continually exploring and researching new ideas and emerging technologies to develop practical, ready-to-implement solutions.

Dustin Bennett one of GCG TechLab's industry expert

Dustin Bennett


Peter Knott one of GCG TechLab's industry expert

Peter Knott


Richard Crafter one of GCG TechLab's industry expert

Richard Crafter


Alan Williams one of GCG TechLab's industry expert

Alan Williams